My decision to run for Chambers County Sheriff was not one that I made lightly. I spent months praying for guidance, talking with my wife and children and consulting with friends and trusted advisers. In the end, I decided to campaign for this office because I love this County, its citizens are important to me and I want to see it maintain the same safe, neighborly atmosphere that we all cherished as children.


I have spent my entire adult life serving in the arena of law enforcement. As you all know, I worked for many years Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy and Chambers County (spending a total of about nine years with CCSO). This experience on the front lines, as well as having spent the majority of my life as a Chambers County resident, gives me a first hand knowledge of the inner workings of sheriff’s departments and a special understanding of Chambers County.


If I am elected as Sheriff, I have a plan to serve each and every citizen of this great County with fairness, understanding and fiscal responsibility. Below are a few of the ideals and programs that I plan to implement as soon as possible, if you have any questions about these items or want to know about my additional plans feel free to reach out to me via phone or email.


Thank you,



Departmental Restructuring

One of my first orders of business if elected is to restructure the current hierarchy of employees in the Sheriff’s Department. I believe that we need more guys and gals on the ground, working in neighborhoods to ensure the safety of our citizens.


Now, this doesn’t mean that I will be handing out demotions or eliminating necessary divisions. There are many divisions which operate behind the scenes that are absolutely crucial and those will stay in tact.


Community Policing

Community policing is the system of allocating officers to particular areas so that they become familiar with residents and built relationships within those communities.


I believe that in order to improve the working relationship between our deputies and the communities we serve these officers must be active participants in those neighborhoods. Through my Community Policing policies, I plan to work to create community partnerships, utilize these relationships to identify major areas of concern for the individual neighborhoods and communities in our counties and then use the information gathered through these avenues to reduce crime.


The vast majority of our officers are already your neighbors and friends, I plan to encourage them to deepen the breadth of their involvement so that we can create real and positive change in your communities.


Increased Officer Safety

The safety of my deputies will be one of my chief priorities if elected. As a former law enforcement officer I uniquely understand the challenges faced while on patrol and responding to calls.


I will work to ensure that all deputies receive adequate training to prepare them for situations that they might encounter and protective equipment to keep them safe as they are responding to needs in Chambers County.


Open Door Policy

I want to serve you. I want to be your law enforcement representative. I pledge to be available to each and every one of you and to serve your needs to the best of my ability. If elected, I’ll be in my office. I will be available if you want to stop by or call and discuss issues that are important to you. I promise to be approachable and easily accessed.