My name is Wesley King, Jr. and I am asking for your vote for Chambers County Sheriff in the 2020 election.


I have deep family roots in this County. My grandparents moved to Anahuac in the 1940s and to this day, I live on a piece of their original family land. I was born in Anahuac and graduated from East Chambers High School.


My greatest joy in life is my family. I married Robbie Wheat King 33 years ago and together we have three beautiful children – Kyler (1978-1998), Cari and Weston – and eight wonderful grandchildren.


I grew up in a family with a passion for law enforcement. I followed in the footsteps of my father, Wesley King, who retired as Chambers County Chief Deputy, and my uncle, Joe King, who served as Sheriff of Brazoria County for 24 years and later as County Judge for eight years. In 2002, my youngest brother David King lost his life in the line of duty in Liberty County.


I have worked in law enforcement for 30 years, spending the last nine years as a Patrol Deputy, Patrol Sergeant Supervisor and Criminal Investigator for Chambers County. I also hold a Master Peace Officer’s license.


The position of Sheriff is not a stepping-stone for me. I am a part of Chambers County – having lived and worked here for my whole life – and it is a part of me. I am not a politician, just a lawman and I want to bring my strong work ethic and integrity to the office of Sheriff.


I look forward to having an open-door policy and being available to all citizens and Chambers County employees. As Sheriff, my first order of business will be to reorganize the department to increase efficiency with a focus on training and equipping employees to enable them to perform their duties safely and professionally. I believe that this can be done without increasing the budget. Under my leadership I will strengthen the department by building working relationships with all local public agencies within Chambers County.


When elected as your Sheriff, I will be fair, transparent and impartial. I will be your voice.


Remember that elections are determined by those who vote. A vote for ME is a vote for YOU!


Thank you for your support. If you have any questions about my life, my plans or my goals please do not hesitate to contact me.