"Wesley is an all around Lawman. I have know him personally and professionally from the times he worked in Chambers County and when working in Harris County. He will absolutely be a 💯 percent working sheriff. He will put his heart and soul into the position and lead this county to a better tomorrow. I encourage each and every citizen to vote for Wesley King for Sheriff. Remember if there is no change then there is no change!!!"

- Bonnie McLaughlin

"I know Wes King personally and believe he is the perfect candidate for the next Sheriff of Chambers County. He is a family man with deep ties to the community he lives in and would be serving as Sheriff. I believe he would bring unity and teamwork back to the department that is vital to a law enforcement agency to be effective. Chambers County needs a positive change and Wes King would bring it! Make your vote count on the upcoming election!"

- Heather Alexander

"I have known Wesley for several years. We patrolled dow-ntown Houston and he was outstanding patrolman. He is honest and i enjoyed working with him. Wesley will make an outstanding Sheriff."

- David Willis

"I have known Wes all of his life. He is honest, dependable, hard working, community orientated, well trained and an outstanding citizen. A great choice for Chambers County Sheriff."

- Johnebelle Line

"Honesty, Loyal, Kind... Love this guy and his family!"

- Brenda Irby

"Known him all my life & A Great Family Man and Honest 👍"

- Robert Hoffpauir

"I truly believe that Wesley King Jr. will strive to bring honesty and integrity back to Chambers County Sheriff's Dept. I also believe that he will put together an honest and hardworking command staff that will be visible and have an open ear for the people of Chambers County. He's a man from Chambers County and for the Citizens of Chambers County."

- Lamar Shamblin

"Knowledgeable, honest, fair, respectful, respected, raised in Chambers County, all around great man with an amazing law enforcement background. Great man great family and would be a great Sheriff for Chambers County."

- Tracie Lasater

"I’ve known Wesley for about 14 years meeting him through his father Wesley King Sr.. He has always been an honest man and truly loves being a police officer. His dad is a great neighbor who is always willing to lend a hand and I’m proud to call them both my friend. I can honestly say I believe Wesley would make a very good Sheriff for Chambers county."

- Ben Hicks

"Good honest man! And will serve the people of chambers county well. He would be there at the office, unlike the one now who is never there to oversee day to day operations. Wesley King is honorable and honest."

- Lorrie Tobey

"Known Wesley since his days with the HCSO. He’s always been just a great deputy humble,professional,caring and compassionate. Hands down, he was the hardest working deputy serving the downtown region at the time. When the man says a vote for him, is a vote for you. He truly means it."

- Brian Overby

"Every once in a while a man will come along that has honor and integrity. This is one of those kinds. He loves his family and this county. He goes above and beyond in keeping it real and trying his best to help the ones that need guidance, and in the worst of situations those that need a hand to show support and a kind word to go with it."

- Dana Cain

"In 2007 Wesley King and I started what is now known as downtown patrol, with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. It was designed to fight the high crime areas around Minute Maid Park, and Harris County Buildings. In just 90 days Wesley and I reduced the crime rate by 87 % per the Houston Police Department. Wesley King is a professional law man, honest and always loyal. Will make a Great Sheriff !"

- Michael Gegenheimer


"Wesley has years of combined experience in law enforcement and has always been honest and upfront through these years. Wesley and his family have served as first responders for at least 50 years in Chambers County. Wesley King has the experience and the background to support his bid for Chambers Count Sheriff."

- Tylene Wilcox

"He is an outgoing citizen [that has] always been very polite. [R]espectful is an understatement. If you don't know Mr. Wesley you should get to. [H]e's the real deal. [H]e's got my vote for sure."

- Max Kober

"Very loyal and kind man... You definitely have my vote!"

- Macy Taylor

"Wes is kind Loyal, and honesty!!"

- Julia Selman